Cane Hill Park Residents Association

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CHiPRA- for the residents of Cane Hill Park

You will have received a unique registration code, which you will need to use when registering by clicking the button below.

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- To receive communications from CHiPRA like announcements, e-newsletter, reminders, etc.

- To take part in any surveys, polls or consultations that CHiPRA might conduct to arrive at decisions representing Cane Hill Park households.

- Having all households registered will allow CHiPRA to be a subscription free and paperless organisation.

- CHiPRA wishes to communicate digitally (using email and SMS) to registered and verified households only.

- This is to enable both one-way and two-way communications between CHiPRA and verified households, to ensure that we effectively inform and represent the households of Cane Hill Park. This is in recognition of the fact that some topics are either too important or complex to be discussed through existing social media channels (e.g. FB, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc.)

- In order to ensure equal representation on all matters, each household is to provide only one point of contact (name, email and mobile number). This single point of contact will be used by each household when participating in surveys, polls or consultations. It will also receive all one-way communications from CHiPRA, such as announcements, e-newsletter, reminders, etc.