Cane Hill Park Residents Association

Who we are

CHiPRA (Cane Hill Park Residents Association) exists to represent and work on behalf of the residents of Cane Hill Park in Coulsdon. A young but dynamic association, we are committed to building a friendly and inclusive community.

CHiPRA was formed in 2018 following an initial meeting of residents, which confirmed the need for an association to deal with the particular issues relevant to Cane Hill Park. Its committee is made up of a small but dedicated group of volunteers who meet regularly to organise community events, discuss issues raised by residents and seek solutions. They are supported by other residents who are willing and able to lend their experience and expertise to help deal with particular issues.

The current committee (2019-2020) is made up of: Nikhil (Chair) Eoin (Vice Chair), Jane (Treasurer), Chris (Secretary), Bala, Gennady, Kanhai, Keshlin, Maz, Mohan, Shuchita, Smitha, Richard, Roshni, Tania and Tarini.

Where we cover

CHiPRA covers the nearly 700 homes that form the new Cane Hill Park development in Coulsdon.


What we stand for?